promotional cosmetics

Many applications

Customized promotional cosmetics can have numerous applications. The caring, nourishing and protective properties make promotional cosmetics a valuable and functional gift with a personal touch.

Strengthen your image

Our high-quality care products can do excellent service for profiling your brand or enlarging your reputation. We serve drugstores, sporting schools, sun studio's, travel agencies, insurance companies, beauty farms, dentists, fashion stores, beach clubs, magazines, etc. etc.

Sun tanning lotion, feet balm, hand cream etc

Our standard range contains sun tanning lotion, body lotion, hand cream, refreshing towels, sun spray, shower gel, body cream, shampoo, after sun, lip balm, deodorant, hand soap, foot balm, face spray, gift sets, hand sanitizing etc. We can customize all of these products within a period of 4 weeks. If you have any special requirements please contact us.

Meeting all legal requirements

All our products meet the requirements of the European Cosmetica Directive (76/768/EEG). Our skin - and lip care products are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and our production process is ISO 9001 certified.

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